Remote working in some capacity may be here to stay. As the leader you need to ensure your team understand their direction, agree on clear expectations and maintain effective collaboration when the goal posts seem to be continually changing.

Leading Remotely

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    Worried about your team cohesiveness and productivity when working remotely?

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    Not sure how to maintain collaboration and motivation when the goal posts about work location are changing?

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    How can you be sure everyone is ok and on track?

Having the technology is only the starting point. ‘Remote Ready’ leaders know how to create a connection, bring the team along and support staff to be productive during this huge change in the way we work.

In this practical online program, the facilitator will model effective online meeting practice whilst helping leaders to create their personal ‘Remote Ready Leadership Playbook’ – their tailored strategy to implement these approaches with their team as soon as possible.

These 2 x 1.5 hour interactive group Zoom* coaching sessions will build Remote Ready leaders with the skills to:

  • Agree expectations with team members for this new way of working
  • Create a sense of community and continuity through team routines and commitments
  • Manage performance and workloads remotely
  • Run engaging team meetings using Zoom or other technology to ensure productive collaboration
  • Support team members through this challenging time of change and isolation so that they can be productive


Leading the team:

  • Setting direction for the team
  • Agreeing on expectations with the team (outcomes, milestones, routines, commitments, checking-in)
  • Maintaining community and connection (collaboration tools and team rituals)

Leading individuals:

  • Managing individual performance (agreeing expectations, providing encouragement & feedback)
  • Creating a sense of safety and building trust
  • Supporting and coaching your staff to work remotely (skills and tools)

Leadership Presence:

  • How to run engaging team meetings using online platforms to ensure productive collaboration
  • Finalise your Remote Ready Leadership Playbook


*We can use whatever online communication platform your organisation prefers

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