“I’m worried we’ll lose what we’ve gained and what we’ve learned”
“I don’t want to lose all the innovations and improvements we’ve made”
Besides health considerations, these are the number one concerns I hear from staff and leaders as they consider transitioning back to the workplace.

Reflect, Review and Renew:

Embedding remote working innovations


Work with your team to identify and embed innovations and improvements generated over the last few months

As organisations begin to plan what a return to the workplace might look like, now is the time to reflect on and review all the great innovations and improvements your team made in response to Covid 19. More importantly, it’s time to embed the ones you want to keep.

In this interactive 3-hour workshop (remote or face-to-face delivery) teams will:

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    Identify the ideal future state of their service delivery

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    Reflect on and review innovations and improvements made in the areas of:

    • Service delivery model & customer solutions
    • Work practices & processes
    • Tools & technology
    • Communication & team functioning
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    Create an action plan to maintain and embed new and improved work practices

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