“Leadership is a way of thinking, a way of acting, and most importantly, a way of communicating.” – Simon Sinek

Skills for Leaders


Looking for engaging, targeted skill-development for new and emerging leaders?

Choose one or more our modular units which build tangible people leadership skills.

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    Leading Others

    Develop the skills required to achieve outcomes through others – building rapport and trust; setting expectations; giving and receiving feedback; coaching, developing and motivating others; and holding others accountable.

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    Leading for Change & Growth

    Learn how to create an innovation culture and implement change effectively

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    Leading with EI

    Manage your emotions and adjust your communication style to build real connections with team members and stakeholders

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    Leading Multi-cultural Teams

    Understand the impact of cultural differences on the way team members approach their work, and create strategies to communicate with and motivate all of your team members effectively, whilst leading better collaboration across your team

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    Leading for Collaboration

    Create a team culture where team members understand their shared goals, are provided with the skills and tools to have robust and respectful conversations and are empowered to collaborate proactively for outcomes

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    Powerful Presentations

    Present with impact and ease to engage and inspire team members and external audiences alike

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    Leadership Foundations Program

    A four-day structured program run over 8 – 12 months that is tailored using your organisation’s strategies, policies, and values.

    Each day builds skills in one of the following areas:

    • Leading Self;
    • Leading Others;
    • Leading the Business;
    • Leading for Change & Growth.

    Participants complete an action learning group assignment about a workplace improvement throughout the program and present their recommendations to senior leaders on the last day of the program.

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